Patient´s opinions

  • I came to the clinic taking two or three cetanol pills daily, after two days of rehabilitation I stopped taking the painkillers and now I feel good! I would like to thank the whole team - YOU ARE GREAT!

    Andrzej, Lowicz
  • I'm truly happy with the service provided at the Clinic. My son likes to spend time here, he loves the therapists and his physical condition is improving. He is surrounded by a familiar and friendly atmosphere. 

    Anna Wozniak
  • I have general muscle weakness and nerve atrophy so I used a wheelchair in order to go places. I got in touch with Nowy Dwor Clinic and they gave me their attention. I had been cared for during 3 months when I started walking. I am really grateful. Thank you, I used to be so lonely fighting with my disease.

    Zaporski Mieczyslaw
  • It´s a place where your soul and body are treated. I came here feeling a lot of pain, with my left arm and hand totally numb. My condition was clearly and simply explained to me with the use of MRI. The rehabilitation and treatments made it possible for me to go back home pain free with sensibility in my arm and hand. The decision about possible surgery has been postponed since I´ve been doing recommended exercises. Thank you for your help, care and your personal approach towards each patient. See you.

    Wladyslaw Bozych
  • I honestly recommend the Nowy Dwor Clink. The staff is really professional and kind. This place is number 1 on my battle against pain list.

  • I am so grateful for every single hour spent at the clinic! Warm attitude, kindness and true professionalism of all the people taking care of the patients are amazing. Thanks to Ms. Anna and Mr. Rafal I´ve started to enjoy exercising (and I still exercise according to their directions-with great results); thanks to Mr. Lukasz I´ve changed my mind about the power of manual therapy; I could go on and on. My stay here has helped me a lot with my discopathy, as well as letting me relax and calm down. I will be grateful forever to Slawek and Kasia for taking care of this place. I will be back and highly recommend it to everyone.

    Dorota Miriska-Krolikowska
  • I recommend a highly professional care. Patient comes first here. The place is beautiful. Rehabilitation services on a high level.

    Krystyna Jurkian
  • Hello. I evaluate my stay at the clinic as a great experience. Individually picked treatment program based on my condition on the day of my admission brought expected results. Professional attitude of the staff (especially Ms. Ania) resulted in a fast improvement in my health. I must say that I was a bit skeptical about a 2-week-long treatment process for my condition (MS) at the beginning. However, during my stay here I learned a lot about how I can help myself deal with my problem which is priceless. I´d like to add that the Clinic building is very cozy with familiar atmosphere. The rooms are comfortable and cozy. The staff always take care of their patients ´wellbeing. It´s great to know that places like this one exist.

    Beata Sadza
  • Nowy Dwor Rehabilitation Clinic is a magical place, definitely. Not only does it take heals you body, but also your soul. FIRST OF ALL: great team of physical therapists who push the patients to their limits and at the same time are sensitive about even the smallest setbacks during the therapy, they are open and ready to change the treatment method if they notice it is necessary, THEY MAKE MIRACLES! SECONDLY: pure kindness and engagement of all the other employees of the clinic (administration, maintenance). NEXT: amazing living conditions, sounds of birds and frogs nearby, lovely landscapes around, interesting meeting with nature lovers; all this makes you want to come back here (even if your health doesn´t need it anymore) I have gone rehabilitation three times already (May 2009, May 2010 after a serious spine surgery, and in June/July 2012as a follow up. I will come back for sure. I´d like to thank you all at Nowy Dwor Rehabilitation Clinic and wish you further success in this hard but important work.

  • We´ve just finished our first stay here. My husband had a subarachnoid hemorrhage. We eagerly followed the treatment suggested by our doctor. The physical therapists here are very kind and knowledgeable. My husband has reacted to all this positively so we will continue the treatment here. Thank you very much.

    On behalf of my husband - Zofia Kowara
  • I have been dealing with conditions around my lumbar spine - have had 2 surgeries already - for years. The people at the clinic have helped me believe again that even though I have these problems, a sort of disability, I can still lead a full life. Highly professional care and individually designed treatment bring great results right after your first stay here! The clinic is the best physical rehabilitation center, that gives hope for a better tomorrow - here not only do you get your body taken care of, thanks to the support of the staff the patient isn´t alone in their trouble. I am a happy mother of a 2-year-old rascal and I know that I can handle it - because I can always come back here and recover my strength -both physical and mental. It is magic? I don´t know, but I know this - I really trust these wonderful people. This is the base for a rehabilitation to succeed.

    Izabela Wozniak
  • I have been treated here for a few years now. It isn´t the only place I have gone to looking for help, but it is the only one I come back to with pleasure. Not because after having walked with a cane for a few years, I can walk by myself now, keep my balance and go up and down the stairs (not long ago all these would case my heart to beat much faster). Actually, the only thing I can´t do yet is running, but I try to imagine doing it after the next few visits at the clinic. Unfortunately, MS isn´t curable yet, but it´s symptoms can be slowed down. The other reason for Nowy Dwor to be special is the way their patients are treated. It is based on tender, loving, 24-hour professional care given to each and every person staying here. The accommodation, e.g. rooms with all the facilities, and their food (of course it depends on a person´s taste): breakfast, lunch and dinner are superb. Moreover, the surroundings: history park, garden or so to say a huge meadow with a fountain in the middle of it, Rawka river, canyons, bridges mini Arcadia! The only negative point I can think about is being really tired after each day of activities , is it the idea behind the rehabilitation strategy?

    Konrad Wisniewski
  • My stay at the clinic gets a high score. The rehabilitation team is truly professional and the administration staff is kind, friendly and helpful. The treatment set prepared for me was well planned and appropriate. I would like to mention especially Mr. Lukasz - a very dedicated person - and Ms. Ania for great gym activities.

    Janina Maciol
  • Nowy Dwor Rehabilitation Clinic is a place I definitely recommend to all people having problems with their spine, joints etc. Since their groups are small and each patient gets individual attention, you can feel a homey atmosphere. The doctor and physical therapists analyze the medical history very carefully and then choose appropriate treatment methods. They are very dedicated and teach the patients how to go on with their lives. Being here is relaxing and calming. The accommodation is very good, homemade meals and attractions make your stay even nicer. It´s a place you want to go back to.

    Anna Malkowska
  • We have done the Nowy Dwor outpatient treatment twice. In July 2010 and from 24.07. to 4.08.2011. We can confirm that their organization is very good. The team is professional and friendly, approaches their patients according to their individual needs. The treatment was orchestrated by doctors who are specialists according to our needs. The clinics atmosphere is very nice.

    Sylwia and Wladyslaw Sniezynscy