Holistic medicine is a term describing an attitude towards patient´s health including its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

In order for the treatment to work correctly and efficiently, we make sure to keep balance between the physical health and inner peace.

Our body is an extension

Of our mind and soul


Treatment programs prepared by medical doctors, physycal therapy specialists and psychologists last almopst two weeks. During this time, induvidually planned procedures take place in a specific sequence (about 10 per day – 100 during the wqhole stay), allowing a faster return to a healthy and indeoendent life. In addition to that workshop therapy activities restore your emotional balance and inner peace.


The process is organized in a special formula based on rehabilitation and activities, in out of hospital conditions with great comfort, maximizing physical and spiritual recovery which will help you during your treatment.


Often patients with back pain, skeletal and muscular systems disorders as well as neurological problems are left alone or sent form one doctor to another. There is a number of studies which show that a great part of patients undergoing physical rehabilitation get better results through therapeutic


Place filled with harmony

The unique atmosphere of a historic manor where our treatment areas and guest rooms are located, the amazing natural surroundings, the relaxing silence, the homey feeling here at the manor will accompany you throughout all steps of your treatment, bringing more strength, faith, currage and endurance in your struggle.

The rehabilitation programs carried out at the clinic are intensive and require our patients to be focused and engaged. In order to assist you in achieving this state as well as help you relax after tiring procedures we have created a special place filled with harmony where you may spend you leisure time.

Space around us helps us relax,
it whispers out amazing stories, gives us strength and energy.
Space hidden inside is something we can feel,
it is what is lurking from the furniture, colors and details.
The objects themsleves bring out great memories and feelings.




Nature, history and architecture joined perfectly create a unique atmosphere enjoyed by all our visitors. Here they can spend time in silence and peace, far from the noise of the world outside, taking advantage of one of thew highest in Poland sunshine exposure throughout the year.
The beautiful local area will work its magic on you during our organized excursions:
-relaxation workshops
-hipoterapy workshops
-paiting classes
-pottery workshops
-craft workshops
-local history and culture presentations
-meeting with interesting people

Charming lanscapes and unique atmosphere created by nature, history and people are extremely helpful in treating health problems, increasing stamina and welbeing of all our guests.