Our team is a group of medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and psychologists.

Our patients´ wellbeing is most important to us. We never stop caring. We always strive to find new methods of therapy. We follow the new trends in therapy, take part in various courses, symposiums and scientific conferences related to diagnostic and therapy. Here you will feel that you are in good (professional) hands.


Medical staff

  • Dr n. med. Pawel Lis
    Dr n. med. Pawel LisMD, PhD - Clinic Director - neurosurgeon

    Surgical treatment of spine disorders for over 20 years

    • Barbara Cyprynska
      Barbara CyprynskaMD - rehabilitation, orthopedics, trauma specialist

      Medical rehabilitation specialist

      • Waldemar Podkon
        Waldemar PodkonMD - rehabilitation, orthopedics, trauma specialist

        Warsaw Medical School graduate specialized in rehabilitation, trauma and orthopedics

        • Andrzej Rutkowski
          Andrzej RutkowskiNeurologist

          Neurological treatment in children and adults: memory loss, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy

          • Sebastian Gackowski
            Sebastian GackowskiORTHOPEDIC SURGEON

            Specialized in arthroscopy, bone biopsy, bone fractures, joint alloplastic


            Rehabilitation staff

            • Lukasz Zagibajło
              Lukasz ZagibajłoM.Sc. - Rehabilitation Director - physiotherapist

              Graduated from The University of Physical Education in Krakow

              • Anna Gladka
                Anna GladkaM.Sc. - physiotherapist

                Graduated from The University of Physical Education in Krakow specialized in rehabilitation, attended courses on : basic Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, manual therapy Levita, Thera Band Course.

                • Michal Sokol
                  Michal SokolM.Sc. - physiotherapist
                  • Rafal Adamiec
                    Rafal AdamiecM.Sc. - physiotherapist
                    • Mateusz Laska
                      Mateusz LaskaM.Sc. - physiotherapist


                      Team of Therapists

                      • Magda Nurkiewicz
                        Magda NurkiewiczYoga
                        • Beata Szymczak
                          Beata SzymczakHippotherapy
                          • Mariola Żeromska
                            Mariola ŻeromskaOccupational Therapist
                            • Wiesława Redlisiak
                              Wiesława RedlisiakM.Sc. - psychologist

                              University of Lodz graduate, specialized in clinical psychology and family psychology.



                              • Karolina Szuplewska
                                Karolina Szuplewska
                                • Justyna Goral
                                  Justyna GoralReceptionist
                                  • Halina Chojecka
                                    Halina ChojeckaReceptionist
                                    • Justyna Smolarek
                                      Justyna SmolarekAssistant
                                      • Bozena Ferfet
                                        Bozena FerfetAssistant